Quality experts

Our inter-rater reliability (IRR) process is embedded in every team workflow. We demand that data element match rates exceed 97% based on sophisticated sampling methodologies, and all exceptions, fallouts, or events are re-abstracted to confirm findings. Even as they maintain our gold standard of accuracy,  the QIS team is highly efficient, and delivers on or before deadline with unmatched accuracy. 

The best and brightest

Only top quality professionals can call themselves a QIS.


Q-Centrix receives an average of 50 job applications per day. Applicants undergo a rigorous interview and pre-hire testing process to identify the best and brightest.

See who makes the cut.

  • 85% have a clinical nursing background
  • 85% have 10+ years experience in healthcare
  • More than 50% were in hospital management prior to Q-Centrix
  • Expertise in nearly 250 local and national registries
  • Experience with 108 different vendor tools
  • Together hold more than 1,500 certifications for 59 different specialties

Q-Centrix has 1200+ quality information specialists located in 49 states and is growing each day.

We strategically choose a permanent support team that becomes an extension of our partner hospital's department.

We've optimized our team structure to create the best outcome

How it works