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Value-based healthcare and the rise of consumerism mean providing quality patient care is more important than ever. And what’s the most effective way to improve quality? Spend less time managing and reporting the data and more time reviewing and impacting it. Our team of experts can help.

Performing more than 2 million quality data abstractions annually, each of our more than 1200 nurse-educated Quality Information Specialists (QIS) manage and enhance the quality data within Q‑Apps™, or a third-party tool.

Quality Information Specialists

The Q-Centrix QIS title is a badge of honor in our organization. It means that you are among the best and brightest quality experts found throughout the country. Q-Centrix hires only top-notch talent who love what they do, because advancing your quality efforts requires an expert team who are dedicated to achieving your goals. Our best-in-class clinical quality experts are all Q-Centrix employees—not contractors—so we’re committed to their training and retention. In fact, our QIS team possesses expertise you will not find anywhere else.



have a clinical nursing background



have more than ten years of hospital experience

prior to Q-Centrix
More than


were in hospital management

prior to Q-Centrix
In aggregate, they hold over


certifications for 59 different specialties

Experience with


different vendor tools

Expertise in nearly



Our QIS team takes complete accountability for the accuracy and delivery of our solutions from the first interaction through the last.

Our people are what make our solutions work

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