200+ NCDR hospital partners and more than 1 million NCDR cases abstracted since 2013

Participation in ACC's suite of cardiovascular data registries enables hospitals to measure and improve the quality of care they provide. We help hospitals get the most out of their participation by taking care of abstraction so they can truly focus on the data. What's more, Q-Centrix is the only NCDR compatible data abstraction provider.

"The largest single cost to hospitals for clinical registries is that of data management personnel."
- ACC/AHA/STS Statement on the Future of Registries and the Performance Measurement Enterprise

Carson Tahoe Health’s Director of Quality and Outcomes Management engaged the nation’s largest team of nurse-educated quality information specialists to abstract their quality data.They couldn’t be happier with the increased efficiency and engagement of her team.

Let Mary tell you the story

Don't trap your workforce behind a desk doing data abstraction.

With more than 10,000 years of combined hospital experience and a total of 1,200 certifications, our team of quality information specialists (QIS) are the best in the industry. Plus, they receive ongoing training. When ACTION Registry-GWTG 2.4 was released, our QIS underwent comprehensive training and testing to ensure they were completely prepared for the version upgrade.

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"60% of my nurses' time was being taken by abstracting cases"
– Mary Mang, Carson Tahoe Health

Analytics are almost as integral to healthcare as medicine.

A vital resource for patient data are registries. This white paper examines the rise of patient registries, how hospitals are taking advantage of the data, the challenges hospitals face in submitting quality information, and the benefits of real-time registry reporting.

Download "Patient Registries" White Paper

Benefits of Outsourcing Registry Abstraction

By outsourcing registry abstraction to Q-Centrix, hospitals benefit from our team’s expertise, have increased confidence in their data accuracy, focus more on patient care, reduce costs associated with recruiting and training staff, and more.

"Because data collection is time consuming and costly, any opportunity to reduce effort and cost while maintaining data quality should be pursued."
- ACC/AHA/STS Statement on the Future of Registries and the Performance Measurement Enterprise
"Q-Centrix abstracts our registries and core measures and has had a lot to offer us. They attend the NCDR annual conference and education and keep us informed of a lot of things we might otherwise miss."
– Josephine Carter, Quality Data Management Program, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

Learn why an increasing number of hospitals are outsourcing their registry abstraction.

Download "5 Benefits of Outsourcing"

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Our Solutions

Registry Abstraction

We’re your one-stop-shop for registry abstraction. In addition to the full ACC suite (including ACTION Registry®-GWTG™, AFib Ablation Registry™, CathPCI Registry®, ICD Registry™, IMPACT Registry®, LAAO Registry™, PVI Registry™ and STS/ACC TVT Registry™), we abstract for most local and national registries.

Infection Control

Infection preventionists are a critical part of a hospital’s team, but they are also difficult to locate, train and maintain. With our concurrent review software and team of infection control specialists, we can review your cultures for evidence of HACs and HAIs while your nurses prevent infection and improve quality care protocols on the floor.

Concurrent Review

Our experts review charts in real-time, catching potential fallouts before patients leave your care. Our experienced team has been collecting sepsis measures long before CMS’ October 1 requirement. We can provide insights like 3- and 6-hour Sepsis/Septic Shock counter values and ICD-9 codes in the sepsis population to help improve patient safety and care.

Readmission Reduction

Earlier identification leads to fewer readmissions. Don't have to wait for claims data. Identify patients at risk for early readmission pre-discharge – while you can still do something about it. Our solution provides real-time risk scores based on peer-reviewed, plus data on your hospital's unique patient population.

Core Measure Abstraction

As the industry’s largest quality data abstraction solution provider, let the experts track and report your data for core measures including the new sepsis bundle. Our unmatched core measure abstraction solution is not only customizable to your specific needs but can also reduce abstraction costs up to 50 percent.

About Us

Q-Centrix aims to improve patient care in the U.S. through the use of its market-leading technology platform, Q-Apps, coupled with the industry's largest and broadest team of nurse-educated, quality information specialists. Conducting in excess of one million quality data abstractions annually, Q-Centrix is a comprehensive quality partner to hundreds of hospitals, providing clinical surveillance, abstraction, analysis and improvement solutions. Learn more.