With sepsis, time is critical

More time for what matters most

Every hour that passes before sepsis is treated, the risk of death increases by 7.6%. If your team is focused on data management and reporting, they have less time to devote to what matters most—patient care.

Explore the recent updates

New updates to the sepsis specifications have been released. Download this summary to:

  • learn the changed measures
  • compare the updates to the previous version
  • see what was added and removed

Want to be a sepsis expert?

You've got questions about sepsis data and we've got answers. View the recording to uncover answers to your most pressing sepsis data related questions, like...

  • What is the best way to address specification confusion?
  • How can accuracy be improved?
  • How do we build confidence in our data?

Need help with your sepsis data?

Remove the reporting burden by partnering with Q-Centrix, a comprehensive quality partner. Our sepsis experts and state-of-the-art technology work together to abstract, validate and submit the data.

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Avoid penalties and improve quality

Sepsis quality reporting is part of a care bundle. This bundle exists to help health care providers more reliably deliver the best care possible for patients with sepsis. Data shows that fulfilling Sepsis quality requirements is directly related to better outcomes, including decreases in organ failure, hospital mortality, and length of stay.