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Look at it this way.
You can either eliminate the backlog, or you can sleep.

You shouldn’t have to give up sleep to submit your data on time.


Top 3 Results of Registry Understaffing

As participation in registries continues to grow, providers are challenged to recruit and maintain a team of experts to manage the data. The challenge is often too great to solve and frequently results in department understaffing.

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Keys to Modernizing Your Registry Participation

Learn about recent trends in the registry market. 

  • Understand the implications of automation, centralization and the increasing importance of registry data
  • Learn about emerging technologies like NLP and machine learning and how those will impact participation
  • Understand how to balance keeping clinicians close to data and top of license


Introducing the first solution that eliminates sleepless nights and registry backlogs.

The Q-Centrix Registry solution is unlike any other, combining an expert team you can trust to manage your data and lightweight, intuitive technology to seamlessly submit to the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) or the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR). Our solution offers true peace of mind. After all, you'll need a good night’s sleep tonight, so you can engage your team with real-time, actionable data tomorrow.

Simplify your registry participation.

Our registry solution manages the entire registry encounter life cycle – from patient admissions to submission and individual hospital or network reporting of NCDR CathPCI, ICD and ACTION and STS-ACS registries – in an easy, efficient, and real-time manner.

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Lightweight, intuitive technology

Registry data management is complicated, but not anymore. Q-Centrix developed the first complete registry solution featuring patent-pending technology. 

  • Minimal IT engagements: Cloud-based SaaS allows an easy deployment across the healthcare network and requires limited IT engagement and training efforts.
  • Efficiency across registries: Data elements are collected once and then efficiently used across multiple registries lowering costs and improving accuracy and consistency.
  • Actionable analytics: Powerful, real-time analytics offering drill-down capabilities to truly understand your quality – including tracking towards key measures throughout the submission timeline.
  • Excellent usability: Modern and elegant user interface with built-in form efficiencies and form validation tools.

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Our registry solution leverages the Q-Centrix Healthcare Quality Information System, Q‑Apps™, and our team of more than 1200 quality information specialists to optimize registry participation.

Real-time performance data on clinical care processes

Clinical teams can make immediate changes and positively impact patient care without typical harvest delays.

Full registry data management support

The Q-Registries platform works in tandem with, and complements, our team of more than 1200 quality experts to offer a complete support package

Consolidated view of performance across registries and the enterprise

Captures and submit data for various registries within one platform

Complete data integration

Our data integration engine, Q-Insights, offers providers complete integration to Q-Registries via HL-7 and C-CDA formats (e.g., QRDA and CCD).

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