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As the first Healthcare Quality Information system, Q‑Apps underlies everything we do at Q‑Centrix. Our quality information specialists use Q-Apps to efficiently manage and report accurate data – so you can focus on patient care. Within Q-Apps, all our partners are equipped with the quality improvement essentials:

Access to metrics that matter most such as monthly IRR calculations, historical trends in case volumes, fallouts, and much more.
Exception Reporting
Review fallout or exception details such as provider attribution and the patient's unit, and Q-Centrix observations.
Case Detail
Reconcile each invoice to the penny using a report of all activity performed by Q-Centrix to ensure invoices are accurate.

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Learn how to access your quality improvement essentials

— Dr. Kraiss, University Health Care

The VQI (report) gives us a granular view of the variables we need to be looking at as vascular surgeons to improve our quality of care.

— Patty Atkins, vice president of quality and patient safety at Sharp HealthCare

My peers groan with envy when I tell them I outsource to Q-Centrix. They are still struggling with managing all the changing demands.

— Mary Mang, director of quality & outcomes management at Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare

Sixty percent of [my team’s] work time is now freed up from not having to do abstraction to making improvements. And that is vital at a time when resources are at a premium.

I am very pleased with Q-Centrix and have recommended the company for our other registries.

Very easy to work with, pro-active, detail-oriented and accurate. We just got our STS Audit results and score > 98% accuracy. We are extremely pleased.

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Advancing its commitment to providing the most efficient, cost-effective, and innovative solutions in the field of healthcare quality, Q-Centrix is outpacing other vendors in providing hospitals with the most comprehensive clinical data registry reporting solutions in the field.

Our technology capabilities

Q-Centrix has a keen understanding of the challenges hospitals face daily. That’s why we don’t offer just one quality solution—we drive improved quality outcomes through a robust portfolio of quality data and surveillance solutions.

  Core Measures Registry eCQM Infection Screenings Concurrent Review Readmission Reduction Universal Registry Tool
Q-Card℠ (Core)
Exception Reporting (Core)
Case Detail (Core)
Integrate & Capture Data
Real-time Surveil Performance
Analyze prior to Submission
Submit and Report

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