Webinar: A Pathway to Advancing Infection Prevention

Join Q-Centrix as we explore highlights from APIC 2019 with a focus on paving a pathway for a career in Infection Prevention. Carolyn  Fiutem, Director of Infection Prevention and Sara Bienvenu, Q-Centrix IP expert, delve into the new APIC Competency Model, identify development resources and discuss the impact of transformational leadership.

Your comprehensive quality partner

Q-Centrix is dedicated to helping hospitals around the country measurably improve the safety and quality of care they deliver by removing the burden of quality data management from clinicians. From infection screenings to registries and regulatory measures, Q-Centrix has a solution to fit your unique quality needs.

A Day in the Life

While most IPs are forced to spend more than five hours a day collecting, mining, and reporting infection data, our partners benefit from up to 60% more time to focus on what matters most—patient care and quality improvement. Download this infographic to see what life is like with Q-Centrix.