• Preliminary
  • Overview
  • Data Mapping
    & Workflow
  • Quality Program
  • Abstractor Credentialing
  • System
  • Post Orientation Validation
  • First
  • Steady State



Steady State Abstraction

Estimated time commitment: Ongoing

You've made it to a steady state of partnership. It’s official, our team is your team and we're ready to nurture our partnership!

The goal of the Q-Centrix Implementation process was to lay the foundation of a comprehensive quality partnership.

  • Introducing the Team
  • Developing a simple, frequent and open communication pattern
  • Identifying and refining a proven process for IT access
  • Designing the ideal workflow
  • Engaging quality assurance best practices

Now, let’s nurture our partnership with:


Two-way consistent and productive communication throughout the partnership will ensure complete collaboration.


Timeliness is key to an efficient partnership! After all, the currency of your data impacts the value of your insights. That’s why your Q-Centrix team will work hard to keep to an approved turnaround time for abstractions. As a partner, it’s important to be timely in your feedback to the team so that we can keep driving toward deadlines!


We support each other in our ability to measurably impact the quality of care delivered. Thanks for your continued support!

You've finished the onboarding process!

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