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Quality Program Review

Estimated time commitment: 30 minutes

You’re halfway through the Q Centrix Onboarding milestones. It’s time to review the most important part of our process — our Quality Program. So, we’ll spend some time explaining the different components to our Quality Program and how our inter-rater reliability review (IRR) rate is calculated. Plus, where you can find related information. Then, we’ll review all of the important information from the previous steps in order to move to our next step.

Stakeholders include but are not limited to: Project Coordinator, IT member, Quality Administrator

Before Quality Program Review Call: A Few To Do

  • Write down any questions you have about the implementation thus far.
    This call truly gives you an opportunity to reflect on the previous meetings and identify any concerns or questions before moving on to the next step.
  • Touch base with your IT team member.
    Touch base with your IT team member on the Q‑Centrix team credentialing. If you’ve already provisioned the credentials to the first two members of the Q‑Centrix team, ensure that your IT team member is in contact with the Q‑Centrix IT team as they validate the credentials. If the Q‑Centrix team has not yet received any credentials, it’s important to communicate the urgency in doing so now. A lack of credentials at this point in the implementation will result in a delay in the timeline.

Q-Centrix Quality Program

The Q-Centrix Quality Program begins with selecting the right people for the role of Quality Information Specialist.

Our refined recruitment process attracts hundreds of qualified candidates to Q-Centrix each year; but only 5 percent of applicants become Quality Information Specialists.

Applicants must have recent relevant experience, the appropriate profile to succeed in a remote environment, and expertise that they can validate on calls with clinical experts.

Then, they must pass rigorous clinical pre-hire testing.

As part of the Q-Centrix Quality Program, each QIS will be given continuing education throughout their career with Q-Centrix.

Once a candidate becomes a QIS, the organization continues to educate him or her through ongoing development including online and live training courses provided by the clinical specialists within the Quality Department.

The work of each QIS will be sampled across all of his or her facilities to ensure a 97%+ Inter-Rater Reliability Element Match Rate.

From their first abstraction to the last, Q-Centrix randomly samples each team member’s cases to ensure he or she achieves and maintains a 97%+ Inter-Rater Reliability Element Match Rate for cases he or she is assigned across all facilities. The process includes the validation of randomly sampled abstractions by a second QIS. Our IRR Element Match Rate allows us to predict the quality of our team's abstraction at the 95% confidence level.

Quality processes for each facility are the final part of the Q-Centrix Quality program.

From Green Lighting to Pre-Submission clean-up, facility-specific quality is randomly sampled to ensure quality data abstraction.  In fact, each partnership includes:

  • Fallout/Exception Review: Team Leaders validate any core measure abstraction that has been identified as a fallout to identify systemic gaps in accuracy of the abstraction.
  • Greenlighting: Each case for each new facility is validated by a second QIS until each QIS on the facility’s team reaches the 97%+ IRR Element Match Rate.
  • Pre-Submission Clean-Up: Team Leaders validate registry data error messages and outliers to eliminate any questionable data prior to final submission.

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