Onboarding Terms & Documentation


The preferred method of payment for Q‑Centrix is through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) using the following bank details:

Name of bank – Silicon Valley Bank
Checking or savings – Checking
Routing number – 121140399
Account number – 3301013060

Abstractor Credentialing

Working within your information security policies, we ensure all Q‑Centrix team members are appropriately credentialed to access the data.

Case Detail

This document is accessible via Q‑Apps to accompany your monthly invoice. The invoice is your quick summary and the case setail breaks out each summary in detail. To request access to your case detail report, contact accounting@q-centrix.com.

Measure Detail Documentation

This document is provided after before or after Planning Call #2 as a guide to the abstraction process for our team. After it’s complete by our partner, we conduct the data mapping exercise, adding extensive context during the orientation.

Quality Review Process

Each hand-picked member of your Quality Information Specialists (QIS) team will undergo a rigorous program that includes re-abstraction and review before we “greenlight” a team member for your organization’s abstraction. Due to our high quality standards, the time for greenlighting of each team member varies.

Information System Access

Our team will require credentials to securely log in to your information systems from a remote location. In many cases, your organization will already have a method for your employees to do this (Virtual Private Network access, or similar). Q‑Centrix simply needs to complete the appropriate paperwork and your IT department will provision the appropriate credentials.

Abstractor Validation [IT Setup]

Once remote access credentials are provisioned for each of our team members, we validate the ability of each team member to access the data.

Data Mapping & Workflow

We analyze where each piece of data is located within the chart after reviewing the Measure Detail Document and the Orientation to design optimal access maps to obtain the right data efficiently.

System Orientation & Validation

Before we go live, our team will arrange a WebEx orientation so that we can map out your preferred process for abstraction. The orientation is an ideal time to note any facility-specific nuances in the abstraction or reporting so that our team can offer the ideal results. At this time, we’ll review workflow.

Overview Questionnaire

The Overview Questionnaire contains approximately 20 general questions that will get us started with the implementation process, including identifying information systems, contacts, backlogs, and confirming case volumes.

Operating Environment Questionnaire

The second questionnaire contains approximately 20 questions related to your information systems. Ideally, this questionnaire would be completed by your IT contact as some answers may be more specialized. Please note: the Operating Environment and Workflow Questionnaire contain a couple questions that may also be in the Overview Questionnaire. The information is disseminated to different parties, so please complete each survey. Please complete the questionnaire 24 hours in advance of Planning Call #2.

Operating Environment — Planning Call #1

This call reviews the Operating Environment questionnaire. It’s imperative to have your IT contact on the call when we review the information associated with your operating environment. At this time, your project manager will address any outstanding questions about remote access.

Workflow & Data Mapping — Planning Call #2

This call is dedicated to reviewing the Data Mapping & Workflow questionnaire. You’ll walk through how you’d like us to obtain the case list and your preferred method for review.

Review — Planning Call #3

This call is an opportunity to review any outstanding items in the implementation thus far. You can ask lingering questions, and the project manager will prepare you for the second half of the implementation process.

Initial Call

Depending upon the type of partnership, we may conduct a preliminary call. During this call, the project manager will review the scope of the project and some basic information from the Overview Questionnaire.

Implementation Plan

This is the customized plan for your implementation, including milestones and timeline. Your project manager will deliver the plan to you before Call #1.


Q‑Apps™ is the Q‑Centrix cloud-based healthcare quality information system that houses our Core Technology and all of our Apps.

Workflow Questionnaire

The final questionnaire requests information related to your preferred workflow. Please complete the questionnaire 24 hours in advance of Planning Call #1. Any questions that are not completed prior to Planning Call #1 will be discussed on the call.

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