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Hospital drastically reduced infection rates, saving more than $1.2 Million

Baptist Hospital wanted to implement new patient safety programs to reduce the number of HAIs. However, their clinical teams were too consumed by the required abstraction workload to engage in improvement initiatives. Learn how partnering with Q-Centrix on infection screenings freed over 20 hours per month for the Baptist Hospital team and saved over $1.2 million in penalties and costs.

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Escape from beneath all the data

Many hospitals face budget constraints and are reluctant to invest in an area like infection screenings that doesn't generate traditional revenue. Yet Baptist Hospital’s partnership with Q-Centrix freed 20+ hours a month to proactively impact infection prevention and reduce the number of HAIs.


reduction in CAUTI incidents


reduction in CLABSI incidents


savings in penalties

The True Cost of HAI

HAIs are a serious threat, not only to patients, but also to healthcare providers’ reputations and finances. When the average cost of treatment is $15,000 and can also contribute to additional complications and increase readmissions, HAIs are an expense you cannot afford.

Hospitals are turning to modern software and an expert team

Baptist Hospital continues to partner with Q-Centrix every day on the infection prevention along with other quality solutions. Here's why:

  • Modern technology that augments the clinical intelligence and efficiency of our team to capture, submit and analyze data
  • More than 1200 remote quality information specialists, including a team of expert Infection Preventionists
  • More than 2 million quality transactions annually
  • More than 600 hospital partners throughout the country

Alleviate the burden of data management

The Q-Centrix infection screening solution offers technology and a team of industry leading infection preventionists to help.

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