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First Abstraction

Estimated time commitment: 2 hours

All of the logistics for onboarding are complete; but that doesn’t mean we’re finished! Our team has officially begun managing your quality data which means that it’s time for you to dig in on our processes and the workflow to truly ensure we meet your facility’s unique needs.

It won’t be automatic — that’s why you have the help of your Partner Experience Manager. He or she will guide you through the early bumps and hiccups to get you to a happy, steady state of partners.

Stakeholders include but are not limited to: Project Coordinator; Quality Administrator

Making the Q-Centrix Team Your Team

You’ll need to meet weekly for the next two months with your Partner Experience Manager and your Team Leaders. Your calls will focus on process, workflow, Fallouts to ensure that all data is reflecting what you want in an abstraction. These weekly meetings are vital to success.

Communication has never been more important than it will be for the next two months of your partnership!

Get Financial

You’re going to want to make sure that everyone has what they need to facilitate timely and accurate payment for the Q‑Centrix services.

First, take a look at our invoice. All Q-Centrix Invoices are exactly the same to eliminate the potential for errors.

Then, review the Case Detail documents, located in Q-Apps. Case Detail will detail your bill by case and facility. If you have multiple facilities, you’ll use our Case Detail document to identify what charge is for which facility. Your Partner Experience Manager will show you how do this quickly and efficiently.

Q-Centrix manages a complex billing process to allow the ultimate level of transparency. Therefore, if you require custom billing it will necessitate a few hours of review of the first three months’ invoices to ensure the detail is exact.

If there are any outstanding questions that cannot be answered within the billing section of this site, bring your questions to the call.

Download Sample Documents

Invoice Case Detail

Q-Apps Demo

By now, you’ve received you Q-Apps login and identified who, on your facility’s team, would like access to Q-Apps. During your weekly calls with your Team Leader and your Partner Experience Manager, we’ll walk you through our Customer Portal and any relevant reporting. Our technology is intuitive, but it still requires a brief overview. So, get ready to be delighted!

Before we get started with a Q-Apps Demo:

Login to Q‑Apps.
You’ll want to login to Q‑Apps to ensure you have access to the platform. You may have access to Q‑Card, Case Detail, Exception Reporting, Universal Registry or our Infection Prevention Module. Ensure that you have access to the items you ordered prior to the demonstration by your Partner Experience Manager.

Partner Experience Managers

Meet our team of partner experience managers and learn more about their background!

Connie Cook, MBA, BSN, CCRC

For more than 5 years, Senior Partner Experience Manager, Connie Cook, has successfully collaborated with partner hospitals and Q-Centrix teams to ensure a smooth implementation and exceed client expectations. Connie earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N). from Radford University, and her Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) from the University of Phoenix.

Cindy Parise, BSN, RN, CPC, CSTR

With more than three decades in the healthcare industry, Cindy can anticipate your needs and help solve your challenges. Cindy became an Partner Experience Manager after working as a Client Service Manager at Q-Centrix. Before joining Q-Centrix, Parise was a Trauma Data & Research Coordinator at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. Parise received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) from Drexel University.

Joanna Wood, RN, BA

Joanna Wood joined Q-Centrix in 2011 as an abstractor. She was quickly promoted to a Client Service Manager, and then Service Line Leader. There, she was the subject matter expert on regulatory measures and Get With the Guidelines. She has been a registered nurse (R.N.) for over 15 years, primarily in the cardiology unit. Wood has a Bachelor of the Arts (B.A.) from Randolph Macon College and attended The Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing.

Stacey Murphy, RN

Stacey joined Q-Centrix in 2010 but has been an R.N. for 30 years! Before landing in Quality, she worked for hospitals and private practices, gaining experience in Adolescent Psych, Orthopedic and Plastics/Trauma. She then returned to the hospital setting as a Quality Coordinator and Project Improvement Coordinator. Stacey has worked in a variety of areas including Core Measures, GWTG Stroke, PQRS, Infection Prevention, and the NSQIP and MBSAQIP Registries.

Jena Stebly, AAS, BA

For 18 years, Jena Stebly was a Cardiovascular Specialist in the Cardiac Cath Lab. She specializes in Interventional Cardiology specific to PCI, PTA, limited EP & structural heart. Stebly received her AAS in Radiologic Technology from Scott Community College and a BA in Special Studies from St. Ambrose University. Jena looks forward to working with her hospital partners and building strong partnerships.

Stacey Cole, ADN, RN

Stacey Cole has been with Q-Centrix since 2014 in a variety of positions. Prior to her current role as Partner Experience Manager, Stacey was an abstractor, eventually moving on to Client Services Manager & Senior Manager. Cole has been an RN since 1996. She began working in Quality in 2006 with Cardiovascular Registries such as STS-ACS, CathPCI, ACTION & ICD. She earned her A.D.N from Eastern Kentucky University.

Shalan Gibbs, BSN

Shalan Gibbs is a skilled nursing professional with over 12 years of healthcare experience. Her experience has been focused on direct patient care, community outreach, and quality administration. Shalan received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) from Eastern Kentucky University. She is very detail oriented and, as a Partner Experience Manager, will leave no stone unturned to ensure your experience with Q-Centrix is delightful.

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