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Data Mapping & Workflow

Estimated time commitment: 45 minutes

After partnering with more than 400 hospitals, we’ve learned that every facility is unique. As we gain momentum in our efforts to act as an extension of your quality department, we’ll need to know your preferences. We’ll engage with you and your internal team to discuss your current abstraction workflows, preferences and goals.

Stakeholders include but are not limited to: Project Coordinator, Quality Administrator

Before Data Mapping & Workflow Call: A Few To Do

  • Review the Q‑Centrix Implementation Plan.
    Do all the dates within the plan work with your existing deadlines and requirements? Be sure to write down any concerns for your next call.
  • Complete the Data Mapping & Workflow Questionnaire and the Measure Detail Document.A link to the questionnaire sent to you following your Operating Environment Call by your project manager. If you cannot locate the questionnaire link, simply request it from our operations team at ops-admin@q-centrix.com  and be sure to complete it at least 24 hours before your call.
  • Touch base with your IT team member.
    Touch base with your IT team member on the Q‑Centrix team credentialing. If you’ve already provisioned the credentials to the first two members of the Q‑Centrix team, ensure that your IT team member is in contact with the Q‑Centrix IT team as they validate the credentials. If the Q‑Centrix team has not yet received any credentials, ask your IT team member when the team should expect them. Credentialing will be discussed on the call.

Team Structure

As you work with your project manager to envision your QIS team removing the burden of quality data management, it’s important to understand the team’s structure. We’ve developed a customer-centric structure that leverages the team’s unmatched expertise in a flexible format to accommodate your needs. Our clinical organization consists of account managers, service line leaders, team leaders, quality auditing representatives (QAR) and quality information specialists (QIS). They work together to form your QIS team, an extension of your department committed to delivering outstanding service.

Account Manager

You’ve already met your account manager. He or she has been on each call with you to ensure a holistic view of your hospital. Our Account Manager’s focus is on understanding everything about your organization and its unique quality requirements so that he or she can anticipate your needs and help solve your challenges. He or she will regularly collaborate with your Team Leaders to ensure Q‑Centrix is meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Senior Manager

You’ll meet your Senior Manager during your Data Mapping and Workflow call. He or she manages operations and staffing of the service line and will select the perfect quality information specialists for your team based on your preferences.

Team Leader

For each Q‑Centrix solution, you’ll have one team leader. This person manages the activities of your abstraction team, coordinating team assignments and closely monitoring deadlines, efficiency, and quality to ensure service excellence, accuracy and timeliness.

Clinical Specialist

The Clinical Specialist is an expert in this service line. He or she is responsible for supplying ongoing education for the Q-Centrix team and supplies updates for our client education related to regulatory and abstraction guidelines. The clinical specialist may be included in your Data Mapping and Workflow call.

Quality Information Specialists

Our team of quality information specialists are responsible for accurate, on-time completion of your hospital’s case abstraction. They coordinate ongoing exception reviews and second looks.

Quality Auditing Specialists

The primary focus of a quality auditing representative is accuracy. He or she maintains ongoing Inter Rater Reliability and trains new members.

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