Thank you for choosing to partner with Q‑Centrix to manage your quality data. We are fully committed to helping you measurably improve the safety and quality of care your facility delivers by allowing your clinicians to truly focus on care.

To get started, we’ve developed an implementation program to seamlessly deliver your solution. This site will inform you throughout the process. Take a moment to review the content and, in particular, the preparation notes for each milestone.

We look forward to a swift implementation and a lengthy partnership.

— Milton Silva-Craig


After more than 400 implementations, we have a comprehensive and refined approach to deliver each solution in four weeks. Nonetheless, we understand that every facility is unique. That’s why we place our partners in control.

You can determine your implementation timeline.

In fact, the Q‑Centrix Implementation timeline will largely depend upon completion of the questionnaires and the facilitation of remote access for our team. So, whenever you want to go live — we’re ready.


Several milestones within our implementation process require answers to questions that only you and your team can give us. That’s why we’ve developed three questionnaires: Overview, Operating Environment, and Workflow. Your project manager will send a link to your questionnaire before each related call. It will include approximately 20 questions. Some questions will require answers from your IT leader or finance department, whereas other questions will be as simple as confirming your phone number. Each questionnaire must be competed at least 24 hours before the related call. Your project manager will then have enough time to review your answers and prepare accordingly for our discussion. If you find any question confusing or need added context or clarity, simply contact your project manager or denote your question in the tool so that we can address your question on the next call.

Remote Access

In our experience, we’ve learned that gaining remote access is the number one obstacle that delays Q‑Centrix implementations. That’s why the involvement and buy-in of your IT team is critical. Our goal is to gain IT access for our team members within seven days of the initial request. This timeline allows Q‑Centrix the critical time we need to verify remote access and continue our implementation process to meet your deadlines. For more on Remote Access, review the details of Milestone 1.

Learn about some of the terms we’ll be using.

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