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Integrity is currency

Clinical data is the most valuable asset within a health care enterprise; it’s the bedrock of patient care. But what value does it have when it’s inaccurate?  

Harnessing the Power of AI

An organization’s competence in maintaining data integrity positively affects the organization’s adoption intention for data analysis. When quality data is inaccurate, it breeds mistrust and impedes progress. As a result, data integrity is the most fundamental component of any clinical data management program.

Q‑Centrix developed a quality assurance program that harnesses the power of data science to deliver the gold standard in accurate quality data. 

Embedded into all of our solutions, our inter-rater review process consistently delivers data element match rates of greater than 97%.

How we work


First transaction is complete. After Go-Live, it is common to iterate on the process to arrive at the ideal vision.

Data Management Model Build

During the Data Management Model (DMM) Build, each clinical data management expert undergoes testing to ensure that he or she meets the threshold for endorsement on a Q-Centrix team. 

Partnership Growth

When a new case type is introduced, each clinical data management expert undergoes testing to ensure that he or she meets the threshold for endorsement on a Q-Centrix team. 


Throughout the partnership, a random sampling of cases is selected to be abstracted to ensure continued endorsement of each clinical expert.


Q-Centrix has a designated department dedicated to providing timely and complete education on market trends, updates or enhancements, and projections for the   service lines and technology we offer.

White Paper: Elevating Operational Quality with the Power of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the power to take on complex problems and drive business practices focused on performance and efficiency at both macro and micro levels. Accordingly, one of the biggest opportunities to leverage AI in health systems is with clinical data. Based on thousands of cases, hundreds of partners, and thousands of data abstractions per day, Q-Centrix has learned how best to use AI and clinical data to improve operational quality.


  • External experts offer objective perspectives and valuable experience that can lead to transformative solutions across the spectrum from data transaction to technology implementation.
  • Data scientists, project managers and IT experts bring complementary viewpoints and skill sets that combine to create practical solutions that drive significant improvement.
  • Timeliness of data plus the power of AI enables experienced clinical data experts to turn data into actionable items.

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