Costs and Limitations

Costs: Q-Apps is offered to clients under a SaaS service model, for which Q-Centrix charges clients monthly subscription fees for certified clinical quality measure capabilities and services – Capture and Export (170.314.c.1), CQM Import and Calculate (170.314.c.2), CQM Electronic Submission (170.314.c.3) and Quality Management System (170.314.g.4). The monthly subscription fee and minimum contractual term varies based on the exact scope of solutions (e.g., type and volume) a client chooses in conjunction with Q-Centrix’s other quality data management and clinical performance improvement solutions for healthcare providers

Q-Centrix may require additional fees when (i) client would like to change the measures after finalizing the selection of measures for reporting or (ii) the appropriate regulatory agency changes the specifications of the measures selected by client for the upcoming reporting period.

Limitations: Q-Centrix requires access to the patient record in ONC Certified System to extract clinical data for performance calculation. Q-Centrix will provide access to the historical records for up to the duration specified by regulation, so far as client continues to maintain their subscription with Q-Centrix. Upon termination of relationship, Q-Centrix will allow client to have access to historical records for up to one quarter after the end of subscription at no charge.

Product Information

Please find below product information relating to Q-Apps 1.0.

Developer organization name and contact details –

Q-Centrix LLC
1 North Franklin, Suite 1800
Chicago, IL 60606
Email: info@q-centrix.com
Phone: 603-294-1145

Date the product was certified – 3/3/2016 for both EMR Module (Ambulatory) and EMR Module (Inpatient)

Product name and version – Q-Apps 1.0 for both EMR Module (Ambulatory) and EMR Module (Inpatient)

Unique certification number –

  • EMR Module (Ambulatory): 03032016-4910-6
  • EMR Module (Inpatient): 03032016-4911-6

Certification criteria to which the product has been certified –

  • EMR Module (Ambulatory): 170.314 (c)(1-3); (g)(4)
  • EMR Module (Inpatient): 170.314 (c)(1-3); (g)(4)

CQMs to which the product has been certified –

  • EMR Module (Ambulatory): 2v4; 22v3; 50v3; 52v3; 56v3; 61v4; 62v3; 64v4; 65v4; 66v3; 68v4; 69v3; 74v4; 75v3; 77v3; 82v2; 90v4; 117v3; 122v3; 123v3; 124v3; 125v3; 126v3; 127v3; 128v3; 129v4; 130v3; 131v3; 132v3; 133v3; 134v3; 135v3; 136v4; 137v3; 138v3; 139v3; 140v3; 141v4; 142v3; 143v3; 144v3; 145v3; 146v3; 147v4; 148v3; 149v3; 153v3; 154v3; 155v3; 156v3; 157v3; 158v3; 159v3; 160v3; 161v3; 163v3; 164v3; 165v3; 166v4; 167v3; 169v3; 177v3; 179v3; 182v4
  • EMR Module (Inpatient): 9v3; 26v2; 30v4; 31v3; 32v4; 53v3; 55v3; 60v3; 71v4; 72v3; 73v3; 91v4; 100v3; 102v3; 104v3; 105v3; 107v3; 108v3; 109v3; 110v3; 111v3; 113v3; 114v3; 171v4; 172v4; 178v4; 185v3; 188v4; 190v3

Any additional software the certified product relied upon to demonstrate its compliance with certification criteria – None for both EMR Module (Ambulatory) and EMR Module (Inpatient)

ONC Disclaimer – “This Health IT Module is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”