Q-Apps, the industry’s first healthcare quality information system, introduces patent-pending universal registry technology capable of managing the entire registry encounter lifecycle.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (CHICAGO, Ill.) – Deepening its commitment to innovating in the field of hospital quality, Q-Centrix announced today that it received certification as a NCDR software vendor for the CathPCI registry. The company has expanded its technology platform to provide the first-ever universal registry tool that manages the entire registry-encounter lifecycle – from patient admissions to data capture, to submission, to reporting, to performance improvement – in an easy, efficient and real-time manner.

“Hospitals and health systems increasingly rely on evidence-based registries to drive quality improvement efforts” explained Q-Centrix CEO, Milton Silva-Craig. “We introduced and first validated our patent-pending universal registry technology with CathPCI based on direct feedback from our clients who struggled to review consolidated cardiovascular registry performance because the data was distributed across multiple systems and not integrated.”

The registry capture, submission, and reporting tool leverages the Q-Centrix Healthcare Quality Information System (HQIS), Q-Apps™, and its data integration engine called Q-Insights™, to offer physicians and hospitals real-time performance data on clinical care processes so they can make immediate changes and positively impact patient care without delay.

“Our elegantly designed and purposefully built qualitytechnology platform works in tandem with, and complements,our team of more than 600 quality experts, to provide full lifecycle management support for this critically importantNCDR registry,” Silva-Craig noted. “Now, our clients have a consolidated view of performance across the enterprise and the added efficiencies derived from working within a unified platform.”

Q-Apps was incubated as a quality workforce management solution to manage quality abstraction services, but rapidly evolved into the industry’s first HQIS. “We have continually enhanced Q-Apps capabilities to address ever-changing quality needs of the market,” continued Silva-Craig. “Today, Q-Apps provides complete quality data integration and capture, real-time concurrent surveillance, clinical measure calculations, analytics, submission and reporting.”

Q-Apps supports full data integration through its data integration engine, Q-Insights, for HL-7 and C-CDA formats (e.g., QRDA and CCD), and recently received ONC certification for all 93 electronic clinical measures (eligible hospital and physician). In the coming months, Q-Apps will receive certification for the electronic capture, submission, and reporting of additional registries.

“Over time, we will enable more registries to come ‘on-line’ based on the patent-pending architecture we built that will allow us to add and deploy current and future registries rapidly,” added Brian Foy, vice president, product development at Q-Centrix. “Our design gives us the ability to capture clinical data in various formats, and leverage the data for multiple purposes, including quality data capture, reporting workflow efficiencies, meeting CMS and eCQM measures, national registry demands and much more.”

There has been an ongoing transformational shift to value based care in the industry. With this shift, quality and clinical performance measures are being utilized for many purposes including reimbursement, penalties, accountability, outcomes, reputation and cost reduction.

“Registries are a critical asset in this transformation as they offer greater performance insight into various clinical care protocols, and the detail can be used to compare across a national population,” added Foy. “This evidence-based data is invaluable in helping physicians and hospitals improve their performance and outcomes.

“Our mission is to help healthcare providers measurably improve the safety and quality of care they deliver while reducing costs through the comprehensive management of quality data,” added Silva-Craig. “The management of the entire registry encounter lifecycle is a further manifestation of that commitment.”

About Q-Centrix
Q-Centrix aims to measurably improve the quality and safety of patient care in the U.S. through the use of its market-leading technology platform, Q-Apps, coupled with the industry’s largest and broadest team of nurse-educated, quality information specialists. Processing in excess of one million quality data transactions annually, Q-Centrix is a comprehensive quality partner to hundreds of hospitals, providing abstraction, extraction, analysis, surveillance, reporting, submission and improvement solutions.