Product suite designed to improve the performance of a hospital’s overall quality efforts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (CHICAGO, Ill.) – Q-Centrix, the leading data abstraction services provider in healthcare, today announced the launch of Q-Apps – the industry’s first fully-integrated healthcare quality information system. Q-Apps leverages Q-Centrix’s abstraction services capability to build a quality information system designed to improve the overall performance of quality efforts within hospitals.

“We developed Q-Apps to help hospitals across the country maximize the performance of their healthcare quality efforts to both improve patient outcomes and capture more quality-linked reimbursement dollars,” noted Q-Centrix CEO, Milton Silva-Craig. “Q-Apps effectively prepares quality and safety professionals, physicians and administrators to meet and exceed current quality requirements and positions them to be prepared to meet new requirements as they are presented.”

Q-Apps powers Q-Centrix core abstraction services and is included in all Q-Centrix solutions.  The product includes a variety of services including:

  • Infection Control.  Acts as an extension of hospital personnel, reviewing patient records and cultures to determine hospital acquired conditions and directing administrators and infection preventionists as to the root of the problem so measures can be taken immediately on-site to avoid a bigger problem.  Infection protocols covered include CAUTI, CLASBI, SSI, MRSA and C.Diff.
  • Readmission Reduction. Enables hospitals to view the most accurate prediction of a patient’s risk for readmission instantly, allowing them to reduce the readmission rates before the current admission is complete.
  • Registry Abstraction. Leverages Q-Centrix’s deep knowledge as the largest registry abstraction organization to facilitate efficient registry abstractions with a high degree of quality to help hospitals keep up with required reporting and meet all harvest dates.
  • Concurrent Review.  Facilitates real-time review of patient data and core measures to guarantee the right treatment plan is undertaken and ensure the best patient outcome.  With Concurrent Review, Q-Apps can facilitate changes to care as the patient is being treated.
  • Retrospective Review of Core Measures. As the healthcare industry’s largest quality data abstraction service company in the nation, Q-Centrix offers an unmatched core measure abstraction solution designed to meet all quality reporting deadlines and allow hospital staff to focus on improving and implementing patient care.

Q-Apps is designed to be ubiquitous and integrate with and complement various hospital information systems and vendor quality reporting tools. It can be deployed in a real-time surveillance model to provide in-process quality support in a concurrent review model and/or in a post-service retrospective model. “In either case, Q-Apps will help care providers deliver quality care in a more consistent, reliable, transparent and cost-effective manner,” added Silva-Craig.

Q-Apps was developed internally and tested by the Q-Centrix workforce, nearly 700 quality information specialists.  The firm also engaged quality leaders, data abstractors and computer scientists to test the product to ensure that the service will best optimize, track, measure, report and assist care providers in their quality initiatives.

“Q-Apps is truly innovative in that allows us to contemplate changes to hospital workflows in ways that no one else can,” explained Brian Foy, Vice President, Product Development at Q-Centrix.  “The product was designed to be flexible so that changes and additions can be readily made to expand on what is being monitored and reviewed with little impact to the system. This enables users to easily obtain feedback on any number of procedures and initiatives for a wide variety of other disciplines within the hospital such as peer review, risk and safety, process improvement efforts, and more.”

Q-Apps can also be offered as a stand-alone solution for hospitals who have a fully staffed team of quality abstractionists and want to provide a more comprehensive level of performance management, transparency and reporting and ultimately, improve the quality performance of their institution.

About Q-Centrix:
Q-Centrix aims to improve patient care in the U.S. through the use of market-leading technology coupled with the industry’s largest and broadest team of nurse-educated, quality information specialists. Conducting in excess of a million quality data abstractions annually, Q-Centrix is a comprehensive quality partner to hundreds of hospitals, providing clinical surveillance, abstraction, analysis and improvement services.

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