With this new authorization, Q-Centrix becomes the only company providing both data reporting technology and management services for all three of the nationally-recognized cardiovascular registry groups.

(CHICAGO, October 24, 2017) – Q-Centrix announced today it received authorization for submitting quality performance data to the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines® Stroke registry. The addition of GWTG-S submission capabilities within Q-Centrix’s technology platform is a significant advancement of the company’s aims to provide the most comprehensive range of healthcare quality data services on the market.

“This new authorization puts Q-Centrix in the unique position of being the only one to offer an application that couples technology with expert-led data management in each of the big three cardiovascular registry suites,” said Q-Centrix CEO, Milton Silva-Craig. “This opens the door for greater efficiency in reporting on stroke and other cardiovascular care processes for hospitals participating in those registries – and that can lead to lower costs, improved patient outcomes, and even lives saved.”

One-third of Q-Centrix registry partner hospitals currently use Q-Centrix for managing data for GWTG-S reporting – generating more than 4,000 stroke-related transactions per year. The new authorization takes this a step further by allowing Q-Centrix to perform the data submission too. The change enables Q-Centrix’s Universal Registry Solution to operate at its full potential; managing the entire registry-encounter lifecycle – from patient admissions and data capture to submission and performance improvement – in an easy, efficient, and real-time manner.

The Q-Centrix Universal Registry Solution is an application within the company’s broader market-leading technology platform called Q-Apps. It pairs patent-pending technology with the industry’s largest and broadest team of nurse-educated Quality Information SpecialistsSM – more than 800 quality experts acting as virtual extensions of quality departments within more than 400 hospitals.

The GWTG-S authorization adds an eleventh submission certification within the past two years to the Universal Registry Solution. Additional certifications for submission through the Q-Centrix platform include those from registries under the NCDR (ACTION Registry®, AFib Ablation Registry™, CathPCI Registry®, and ICD Registry™) and the STS (ACSD) – the other nationally-recognized cardiovascular registry groups.

“Having received new registry submission certifications at a rate of one per month for the past year, Q-Centrix is outpacing all other healthcare quality vendors,” said Q-Centrix Chief Product Officer, Brian Foy. “As a result, we are providing more of our hospital partners the choice of a healthcare data solution that has the technical and human bandwidth necessary to address all their registry needs. This will free clinicians from data management duties so those doctors and nurses can get back to focusing on patient care – a scenario in which everyone wins.”

GWTG-S provides healthcare teams with information, tools and best practices to help ensure that each patient is treated according to the most current evidence-based stroke care guidelines. The foundation of GWTG-S and the other quality improvement programs is sophisticated databases known as clinical registries. The registries provide hospitals with the necessary benchmarking data to assess current care to promote improved quality and improved patient outcomes. For more information about GWTG-S and the other AHA clinical data registries, visit www.heart.org/gwtg.

About Q‑Centrix:
Q‑Centrix aims to measurably improve the quality and safety of patient care in the U.S. through the use of its market-leading technology platform, Q-Apps, coupled with the industry’s largest and broadest team of nurse-educated, Quality Information SpecialistsSM. Processing in excess of 1 million quality data transactions annually, Q‑Centrix is a comprehensive quality partner to hundreds of hospitals, providing quality data management solutions, including quality data capture, surveillance, measure calculations, analysis, reporting, and improvement solutions. For more information about Q‑Centrix, visit www.q‑centrix.com


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