While improving infection prevention with many of our hospital partners is part of our day-to-day efforts, ensuring sterile processing practices is a global challenge, especially in developing countries. In these areas of the world, infection rates significantly outpace high-income countries:

  • Up to 20 times higher for newborns
  • Up to nine times higher for surgical site infections
  • About three times higher for ICU-acquired infections

  (Source: World Health Organization)

By supporting SPECT’s mission, we are empowering healthcare workers to develop and maintain safe sterilization practices in limited-resource areas. This addresses a critical healthcare quality need beyond our own borders. It also helps curb the spread of multidrug-resistant organisms, which know no boundaries in our modern global society.

In addition to our corporate donation, we will be reaching out to Q-Centrix’s 900+ strong workforce with a variety of ways to rally around the cause. Learn more about SPECT and Q-Centrix infection prevention.


– Milton Silva-Craig, CEO, Q-Centrix