Sometimes, when you look beyond your own industry, you’ll find a theme that motivates your intentions and inspires your creations. It was announced that once again, Jack Dorsey will reclaim his role as the CEO of Twitter. Dorsey is an admirable innovator for numerous reasons, from co-founding Twitter to simultaneously being the CEO of two demanding tech companies. However, what we admire most is his technological philosophy.

Like Dorsey, we also believe technology has one, overarching purpose: to enable humans to take actions faster. Nothing rings truer or is so measurably impactful than the use of technology in our industry. Healthcare technology makes hospitals more efficient, allows nurses and clinicians to operate at top of license and above all else, keeps patients safe.

This philosophy is evident in our technology. Q-Apps allows physicians, nurses and even quality department leaders to make fast, lifesaving decisions. From concurrently reviewing patient data ensuring proper care protocols are being followed to our surveillance tools preventing potentials fallouts, Q-Apps provides accurate, timely and actionable information to our partners.

As we continue to grow, with each new client and each new service line, our technology will always reflect this philosophy – because when a patient’s life is in danger, every second counts.