Healthcare Finance News published a great article summarizing how hospitals are at risk for large penalties from CMS, many of which rely on overlapping quality measures. Poor performance on one measure can put a hospital in ‘double jeopardy.’ Teaching hospitals and facilities serving populations with a low socioeconomic status are especially at risk. Poor health literacy, access to care, health insurance coverage all pose challenges to your ability to manage post-discharge care, regular PCP and RX compliance.

Quality measurement should empower clinical teams to find new ways to deliver care, educate patients, and improve the overall health of their population. We believe the best way to manage quality, regardless of any setting or progression on the journey to value-based care delivery, is to empower quality teams to practice at top-of-license. Nurses are the front-line, they understand your patient population and the challenges they face. Don’t trap this valuable workforce behind a desk doing clinical data abstraction – give them the support and the tools to take action on the floor.