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We are a quality data management solutions provider that comprehensively partners with health care providers to measurably improve the safety and quality of care they deliver while reducing costs. Combining modern technology with a team of more than 1200 quality experts throughout the country, we process in excess of 2 million quality data transactions annually.



Our modern technology seamlessly extracts relevant quality data, including custom care protocols, and submits the information to regulatory agencies, professional societies and other third-party organizations.

Throughout our history, Q-Centrix has evolved from an abstraction services provider to a clinical quality data information management organization. As the market leader, we’ve transformed the health care quality industry.

Q-Centrix built a business model to address the challenges.

Hospital challenges with regulatory measure abstraction and reporting included:

  • The clinical team collecting the data to report had many other more pressing obligations.
  • The number of regulatory measures was rapidly increasing and requiring more and more expertise.
  • Turnover and absences challenged reporting deadlines.
  • Hospitals didn’t believe abstracting and reporting data was the highest value activity for their clinical workforce.

Q‑Centrix: We hired quality measure experts who remotely and securely logged on to hospitals information systems to abstract data for entry into quality tools. Pricing was à la carte for each quality measure abstracted, so hospitals paid only for the work performed.

Result: Hospitals loved the easy access to expertise, high quality scores, and cost-effectiveness, so they asked Q-Centrix to apply its model to registries.

We added real-time surveillance to our portfolio of solutions.

Hospitals were reporting outcomes rather than impacting them before they were reported. Providers sought real-time surveillance.

Q‑Centrix: Leveraging our quality information system, Q‑Apps™, to manage the performance and workflow of our workforce, we added real-time surveillance to our portfolio.

Result: Hospitals loved the elegant, easy-to-use interface to view how they were performing against particular measures.

We launched real-time registry surveillance, infection screening and readmission review solutions.

Hospitals struggle to manage and report a growing variety of quality data including infection screenings and readmissions.

Q‑Centrix: In collaboration with our partner hospitals, we leveraged our technology platform and quality experts to launch new solutions including real-time registry surveillance, infection screenings, and readmission reduction solutions.

Result: Our customers appreciated the comprehensive approach to quality data management. Now they typically partner with us on more than one solution.

We launched Innovation Labs.

Providers seek innovative solutions to internally reported challenges that may or may not be submitted to third parties.

Q‑Centrix: We launched the first Healthcare Quality Innovation Labs with four partner hospitals. Throughout the various projects, we offered access to its resources to solve local hospital challenges.

Result: As a result of our first few Innovation Labs, we launched Peer Review and Mortality Review Solutions.

We launched eCQM and Universal Registry Solutions.

Quality data reporting becomes increasingly complex, with the growing need to capture both structured and unstructured data in an electronic format, calculate, validate, and submit the quality data to third-party organizations.

Q‑Centrix: We developed a quality data integration engine that feeds quality data directly into Q‑Apps via HL‑7, APIs, and NPLP technologies.

Result: The data extraction capability of the integration engine made the launch of our newest solutions technology possible: the eCQM App, the calculation and submission of electronic clinical measures directly to CMS, and Universal Registry App, a patent-pending technology that allows the capture, calculation, and submission of registry data directly to various national professional organizations in an elegantly designed, enterprise-enabled application.

Our Mission

To help health care providers measurably improve the safety and quality of care they deliver while reducing costs through the comprehensive management of quality data.

Our Vision

To become the premier information solutions provider in the quality measurement and hospital performance improvement market by delivering value-added innovation in service, technology, and data.

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Values and Beliefs

Quality Improvement
We believe we can positively impact patients’ lives through our commitment to providing a standard of excellence in the quality improvement work we deliver every day.
Perpetual Learning
We believe in continually developing a deeper understanding of our customers, their constituents, and our market as we constantly seek to improve the solutions we offer.
Courageous Innovation
We believe in disrupting the status quo, developing powerful ideas, taking risks, and initiating meaningful change that creates measurable value for our customers.
Empowered Accountability
We believe in empowering our employees and clients to achieve their goals by holding ourselves and one another accountable for our actions, performance, and results.
Meaningful Collaboration
We believe the greatest ideas come from meaningful collaboration with our customers, employees, and business partners, developed on a foundation of mutual respect with the highest integrity.

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