Clinicians should focus on care.

Each year thousands of hospitals receive financial penalties, miss incentive payments, or fail to participate in evidence-based clinical registries because the accurate management and reporting of quality data has become such a burden.

Quality data is a vital resource for hospitals to improve patient outcomes, and it’s critical to a hospital’s financial well-being. That's why many hospitals are forced to fulfill quality data management requirements using resources that would otherwise assist in the delivery or improvement of patient care—clinicians.

We believe that clinicians should focus on care. 

At Q-Centrix, we offer unique solutions that combine the technology and team needed to lift the burden and optimize the value of quality data. Our solutions leverage modern technology that augments the clinical intelligence and efficiency of our staff, the industry’s largest group of nurse-educated, quality data management experts.

Since 2011, we have partnered with more than 600 hospitals to:

  • Capture, validate, and submit accurate, complete data to third parties
  • Free physicians and clinical teams to spend more time improving or delivering patient care
  • Avoid CMS financial penalties and take advantage of incentive payments
  • Improve quality and patient outcomes

Quick Facts

Founded: 2011
Number of Hospital Partners: 600+
Number of Quality Information Specialist Employees: 1200+
Number of Deployments: 650+
Average Monthly Quality Data Transactions: 200,000
Registry Submission Certifications: National Cardiovascular Data Registry's CathPCI, ACTION, ICD; Society of Thoracic Surgeons Adult Cardiac Surgery Database; American Heart Association's Get With The Guidelines

Number of Electronic Measures Certified to Submit: 93
Number of Technology Patents: 1 (pending)
Number of Solutions: 8 (Core Measures, eCQM, Registry, Universal Registry, Infection Screenings, Concurrent Review, Peer Review, Mortality Review)
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Chief Executive Officer: Milton Silva-Craig

How our solutions work: